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How to reset Epson PP-100, PP-50 Discproducers Waste Ink Pad counter – video totorial

The Epson PP-100, PP-50 as other Epson printers has Waste Ink Pad counters which will overflow in some time and printer will stop. Regular price in Epson Service Centers for unblocking this discproduser is about $300. We offer You to use WIC Reset Utility and Reset Epson PP-100 by Yourself in 20 seconds! See video […]

How to make EEPROM backup and restore?

Here is video tutorial how can You make Epson printers EEPROM backup and back restore it to printer. If Your printer for some reason has crashed internal adjustments, settings and other parameters You can in easy way restore all printer settings in few clicks by restoring saved printers EEPROM. Please see video tutorial. It is […]