Resellers wanted

Sell Reset Keys and get 150% profit!

Earn money with WIC

WIC Reset Utility became must have utility for all Epson inkjet printers users. It saves customers money and it is very easy to use.
It is the most popular utility for resetting Epson Waste Ink Counters.


A lot of potential buyers can’t use the WIC Reset Utility because they can’t buy Reset Keys.
They DON’T have Credit Cards or bank accounts – they can’t pay!

Different countries have different payment systems. This payment systems are for local payments (local currency, local debit cards e.t.c.)
You can help this customers to buy Reset Keys in local payments and You can earn 150%!

How it works:
We place Your website on in How to buy in Your countrie block – you can see it in right column with countries list.
So, from this moment all customers from Your country can buy Reset Keys from You directly. In Your countrie local currency.

You make payment for 25 keys batch for $99.99 ($3.99 per key) by credit card or Western Union or PayPal.
We give you 25 reset keys batch and You start to sell Reset Keys to your local customers which can’t buy Reset Keys from site by Credit Card.

Pay $3.99 – sell – 10 bucks – GET 150% profit!
Want us to place Your site in right column list?
Place Reset Key on Your site and contact us with direct link to Reset Keys on Your site.

P.S. To be placed on our site – You have to buy 25 Reset Keys per month.
We can place ONE website link for one country if You buy more than 100 Reset Keys per month.

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