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E-01, E-02 Errors solutions

E-01 printer error 033001 – F1 Fuse burn – 1500 mA 033007 – No Chip reader 033503 – PF Sensor – 031004 – PrintHead not responding 000031 – RC Motor Carriage + Encoder Sensor 000041 – Motor Paper Feed (мотор вала подачи бумаги) + Paper Feed Encoder Sensor 205102 – MemoryCard PC E-02 – scanner […]

Epson printers Error codes and solutions

Error code Problem and solution I-01 Paper is out or multiple pages have fed. Load or reload paper in the sheet feeder, then press Start to continue. W-05 W-02 Paper is jammed. Carefully remove the jam. W-03 W-04 The cartridge cover is open. Close the cartridge cover and press Start. W-10 An ink cartridge is […]

Error Code 000031 on Epson printer solution

How to fix Epson Error Code 000031? Solution. Error code 000031 arises when there is specifically a glitch in the scanner. The error depicts a hardware problem associated with your Epson Printer. Here are some of the fixes you can apply: First and foremostly, you can try to remove the ink cartridge and then install […]

Epson error code 000041 solution

Epson printer error code 000041 – it will not print, scan or copy anything. Is there a solution for this error 00041 Epson printer? Usualy error 000041 comes after Epson printer had paper jam. You have to check inside the printer for small pieces of paper and take them out. Restart the printer. Thats all!

How to fix Epson 0xF4 error code?

Error code: 0xF4 Description : – PF PID lock error. Possible causes : – PF Encoder failure (contaminated/detached scale,encoder sensor failure). – PF Motor failure. – PF drive mechanism overload (paper jam, foreign object, insufficient grease, deformation of the Main Frame). – Cable disconnection. – Main Board failure (motor driver failure). Solution: First, you have […]

How to make Epson printer Chipless? Disable IC Ink Cartridges Chips. Printer not need Ink Cartridges anymore!

New WIC Reset Utility has availability for some printer models to make them Chipless. What does it mean? Printer will show 100% ink level all time you use it. You can get out ink cartridges or just IC Chips and printer will print as usual. Once You change printers firmware to Chipless Firmware – the […]

My Epson printer is stuck in Recovery Mode. How to solve?

You have attempted to update your Epson printer using the Epson Driver Update and Download Navigator software but have found that the printer is stuck in Recovery Mode. This message is displayed on the product’s LCD screen and you will be unable to perform any actions until this issue is resolved. This error can occur […]

LCD codes Status messages

If you see an error code on the LCD, see the solutions here to troubleshoot it. Can be used for all printers with LCD monitor TX-series, PX-series, XP-series, L-series etc. LCD code Condition / Solution E-01 A fatal printer error has occurred. Turn the product off and then back on again. If the error continues, […]

How to reset Epson L380 Waste Ink Counter?

To reset Waste Ink Counters in Epson L380 and other models You have to do following: 1. Download latest WIC version V5.0.40 or higher (available for Windows, MAC OS, Linux). 2. Connect the printer by USB or WiFi to Your PC. Disconnect all other printers. 3. Run WIC Reset Utility. 4. Click on RESET WASTE […]

Error 0x9A on Epson XP series printers

Error 0x9A means – “Circuit error (include blowout of a fuse). Main board failure” Printhead electrics have been flooded with ink causing this error. The ink get to electric cirquit on printhead and electrical jacks. Solution: Unistall printhead and clean all electrical jacks and dry them very good for about 2 days. Then install it […]